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OLD EMPTY HALL - is now on CD BABY...!!!

Preview and buy OLD EMPTY HALL CD, or single songs on CD Baby 

Old Empty Hall can also be purchased by check, and mailed to you.   

Make $15.00 check payable to Jim Clare and send to:

Jim Clare 


4192 Middle Cheshire Rd

Canandaigua, NY 14424

CD Baby Reviews

Simplicity rules!

Clean guitar pickin', smooth vocals, sweet lyrics and melodies that roam around in your head long after listening...gentle troubadour Jim! This is a folk classic in the traveling minstrel tradition! Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do!

Taylor Pie

 Lyrical magic

Jim has an amazing way with words. I have listened to these songs over and over the past few weeks, and each time I do I discover a new detail, a new piece of lyrical magic. The songs make me feel like I am wrapped in a soft, warm blanket... each of the characters in his stories as real to me as if I had written about them myself. It takes a truly gifted songwriter to inspire that kind of comfort. Thank you, Jim, for this wonderful piece of work.

Brooke Pevear - Birds-on-a-Wire


Your CD is exquisite. I enjoyed it so well! I was driving while I listened to almost the whole thing, when I "came to" I didn't even know where I was. I had driven 3 miles the wrong way down RT 31.

It is so well done....... BRAVO!

Elaine Verstraete - Birds-on-a-Wire

Jim - I just finished my first listen-thru. This is super. You and Mark are 2 talented guys - perfect combination of imagination in storytelling-songwriting and in technical achievement. You know I don't always love singer-songwriters, but your talents remind me of John Stewart, with the ability to describe and tell the story and get that emotional whomp in there. This is just a wonderful CD. Congratulations to you and Mark.


Cathy McGrath - Cuisle Mo Chroi

Like everyone, I usually pop in a new CD and do a quick preview of each song before I go back to listen in full. Some players even have that built in, right? Well, don't think you can do that with Empty Hall...every song is so good you'll be captivated by each song and listen to them from start to finish - no skipping!! So leave yourself enough time to be captivated.

Art Krause

This album is a true tapestry of story and song with poignant lyrics that paint pictures and tell tales of days gone by. My faves are Hey Jace Bridges (like a really good Prine song), Old Train Coming, Fifteen Roads & Summer Days Back Home. Jim Clare is indeed a folk treasure!! And really positive reviews by prominent folk icons like Taylor Pie & Buffy Ford Stewart add icing to a great cake!!

Forever Young & Folk On, 

Jerre Haskew - The Cumberland Trio

I find this an altogether wonderful musical reflection on Americana past and present. When I first listened to the CD I found myself pushing the "repeat" button on several of the tracks, something I don't usually do. This album crept into the nooks and crannies in the attic between my ears and it brushed away cobwebs I might have expected to find in an Old Empty Hall.

Tom Barrett  

Once again Jim Clare has written a real gem of a song. Jim has the ability to paint a clear picture in your minds eye. Jim is one of the finest story tellers around this big old country of ours that I know of. "Saddle on the Wall" is another fine example of his story telling craftsmanship. If you listen closely to him weave his fine tales, I truly believe that you will love his stories as I do. 

Ronald Wilburne - Riverbend, and former New Christy Minstrel   

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Old Train Coming

by Jim Clare

Saddle On The Wall

by Jim Clare

Hey Jace Bridges

by Jim Clare

Manassas in the Rain

by Jim Clare & Mark Teachey

Jim's new CD...OLD EMPTY HALL...Now Available! 

Jim Clare Music Video

My Music Video Old Faded Picture is now on YouTube & Vimeo.

The video features yours truly on vocals, Mark Teachey on guitars and Dee Braxton Pelligrino on Fiddle.

Click on the image above to view the video. Note: Vimeo allows for a higher resolution file than YouTube so the video is sharper

About the songs

These songs were produced by my very good friend Mark Teachey at his Windwood Productions studio in Wilmington, NC. Mark is an exceptional musician and a very fine producer. If you are looking for someone to produce your next CD or DVD project, I highly recommend that you contact Mark at [email protected]


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