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Jim's excellent Folk music adventures Jim's excellent Folk music adventures Memorial Day Sunday House Party on a glorious Canandaigua day! 6977882 Snowy December woods in our backyard 6977826 Buddy and June at Turtle HIll Buddy Mondlock and Juner at Turtle Hill Folk Festival, 2007 6977833 the gig is not indoors?? 6977827 Jim & Allen at Granger Homestead Days 6977903 let's play outside Jim sportin' his Red Newt Winery cap! 6977878 White Christmas in the Finger Lakes dusting of snow out back 6977828 Jim at Chicamacomico the boathouse of the wonderful old lifesaving station and museum. 6977829 Jim Clare and Friends Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC for the John Denver tribute concert. Jim with John Sommers, John Golden & Mark Teachey 6977855 Jim on boat Ramp Chicamacomico Historical LIfesaving Station 6977857 Buddy and Jim at Valley Folk Jim and Buddy Mondlock at Elmira, NY. 6977869 Jim Clare and John Sommers Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC for the John Denver tribute concert. 6977858 The Voyagers Reunion Concert Skip Major, Jim Clare and Dave Withers at Seneca Lake. 6977830 Kenan Auditorium, UNCW Benefit concert to protest proposed landfill on the Cape Fear River 6977859 Geoff Morris and Jim Clare at Kenan Auditorium "Mister Guitar" Geoff Morris and me at Kenan. 6977831 Jim with Tom Rush at Golden Link Concert A great evening with a true legend of folk. 6977837 John Golden and Jim Clare at Magnolia Greens Singing dulcet harmony with my friend John at Magnolia Greens. 6977860 41362157 41362153 Kenan Auditorium, Wilmington NC Jim Clare, Dave Bohn and Geoff Morris at the Concert to protest the proposed "auto fluff" landfill. 6977861 Inside Edge at Aspen Highlands with Thank God Im a Country Boy writer John Sommers, Brian DeWolfe on Bass and Lamar Hill on lead gittar. 6977862 John, Jim and Dave Does anybody know the words? 6977863 Outpost Inn in Potter, NY 6977865 picking at The Outpost 6977866 Golden Link Member Concert Jim Clare and Allen Hopkins at the Golden Link Membership Concert 6977867 41362151 41362154 Golden Link Member Concert Jim Clare with Allen Hopkins on Dobro 6977868 Buddy Mondlock at Valley Folk wonderful evening with Buddy using no PA system. Just one guy and his Martin guitar. 6977834 The Gridley Inn, Waterloo, NY Perry Cleaveland, Allen Hopkins and Jim Clare pick at the lovely B&B. 6977835 Ozzie and Jim at Naples VFW a memorable day with a real potpourri of music. 6977871 Allen Hopkins, Jim Clare & Perry Cleaveland Allen,Jim and Perry at Hospeace Benefit in Naples, NY 6977873 Jim and Perry at Hospeace Benefit Jim Clare and Perry Cleaveland playing at Hospeace Benefit in Naples, NY 6977874 Allen Hopkins & Brooke Pevear at Hospeace Benefit Allen helping Brooke at Hospeace Benefit , Naples, NY 6977875 The Gridley Inn April 17th Allen on harp with Jim at The Gridley Inn. 6977876 Jim with Allen at The Gridley Inn April 17th at The Gridley Inn 6977877 The choirboys April 17th at The Gridley, Allen and JIm 6977836 Jim Clare with Tom Rush at Golden Link Concert May 17, 2008 ......JIm's not really asleep, just pretending. 6977879 Allen Hopkins and Tom Rush Golden LInk Concert, May 17, 2008 6977880 Tom Rush at Golden Link, May 17 delightful guy and a stupendous entertainer made this a night to remember 6977838 Allen Hopkin & Jim Clare at Granger Granger Homestead, Carriages on the Lawn May 17, 2008 6977839 Pickin' at Pierce Park Cheshire Memorial Day Picnic Bob and Jan Schneider and Fred Goodnow 6977840 Jim and Bob Jim Clare and Bob Schneider gettin' it mostly right at the Cheshire Memorial Day Picnic 6977881 Diane Walker, Jim & Allen at Borders Books very folkie setting creates the mood to play or listen. 6977901 Let me sing one! John Golden and Jim at Magnolia Greens. 6977883 Allen Hopkins and Jim at Granger Homestead singin' fo de ol massah on de plantation. 6977884 Allen and Jim at Golden Link Concert Allen is halfway though is quiver of instruments at this point. 6977902 Jim with 1910 guitar at Granger Homestead Days Authentic period show, except for the John Deere in the background. 6977904 Granger Homestead Days wonderful time with Allen and his sidekick "Woody" Limberjack, the dancing fool. 6977905 29757471 Black Dog Festival Graphic Black Dog Festival 9460095 41362156 Jim and Allen help out Brooke Pevear Birds on a Wire Concert at Cafe Veritas, November 2008 18245915 41362152 Goodnight Irene at Cafe Veritas Mike Mullane, Allen Hopkins, Brooke Pevear, Jim Clare and Vern close the show, November 2008 18245916 Jim Clare at Cafe Veritas Jim is having the "I woke up nekked dream".. 18245917 Jim Clare at Cafe Veritas, November 2008 Birds on a Wire show at Cafe Veritas 18245918 41362155 Allen Hopkins banjo at Cafe Veritas Allen playing at Birds on a Wire Show, Cafe Veritas 18245962 June in the backyard on New Years Day, 2009 I think I'll steal her scarf! 21222888 June playing a very cool set! New Year's Day, 2009 21222866 41362158 June taking requests This next song, I'll do with my gloves on! 21222867 41362359 What snow? New Year's Day, 2009 in the back yard 21222868 The tree is tipping you say....??? Jim out back on New Year's Day 2009 21222889 No way are we starting the fire with this!! New Year's Day out back 21222869 22471858 25841626 25841621 26003606 26003607 26003608 Taylor Pie and Jim 86863032 Ten West Espresso Taylor Pie and Jim 86863034 Jim with Cathy, Allen, Pat at Penfield 198194923